• Maré SANOGO – Master percussionist - a Malian

    I discovered AccorDjembe during a training period of dance at Villeneuve lès Avignon. I used this tool and I recognize the ease and the speed for tuning djembes and doundouns, I recommend this unique tool.


    The mounting with the AccorDjembe work station it’s great! When handling is realized, it’s very easy.

  • Oumar KONÉ Soloist ballet sewa of djifili

    Easy mounting! Totally different!! Skin great well tightened in record time!! It’s completely perfect.

  • Antoine Brunet “Tito” de Mazet Production

    “After the “TOR in concrete” for circles, “AccorDjembe work station tuning” : Easy and precise in a record time. About ten workshops a week using more than 15 percussions (djembes, doundouns). To change skins or to re-tauten them is not any more a chore, only passion not the perspiration.”